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The answer of course depends on why you are seeking my services. Most of my clients are seeking help with their style. They have never learned how to dress or what looks best for them based on body type. Using my skills and training I transform your image to give you self confidence and raise your self-esteem.


Your personal image is how you physically look to the viewing world. Your image is based on your physical, verbal, emotional and personal impressions. Others will judge you accordingly and create, in their minds, a picture of you as you are presenting yourself. This is your “image” and sadly most people present a negative image without even knowing why.

when i hire an image consultant is it pricey?

Most of my clients appreciate that I do not waste their time or money and, as an expert (a master if you will), I can consult with focus. This means that I pack a lot of very good advice into shorter time frames. My prices start at $125 per hour and most consults can be accomplished in less that three hours. Remember, this is not really about the money, it’s about learning a life long skill that you can use to help yourself look, feel and appear confident, in all situations!

can you take me shopping?

Of course. But before we shop I need to discover the why, what and where. Again, so I don’t waste your money or time, I need to determine your budget and needs. Then I pre-shop. As with all my services there is always a planned process before the work takes place.

i need help getting ready to date again. Can you help me with my look?

Yes. As an experienced image consultant it’s my job to get you out of your old style and into a newer, fresher one. Once you have a professional makeover the added confidence will help you attract others to you.

do you do hair and makeup?

I am a trained makeup artist and will refer you to professional hair dressers who I work with to help style your hair.

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Is this my color?

Full color-analysis sessions help you determine the best colors for you to wear.

do you work with teens?

Yes. I love working with teens. They take counsel quickly and enthusiastically and they also know exactly what they are after in their appearance.

do you work with men?

Yes. Most male clients need help with their wardrobe and with updated styling. I work with executives on their personal image as well.

i live outside sacramento county. do you travel?

For my existing clients I do but I am only taking personal clients in the Sacramento area currently. I can consult remotely via online technology so contact me to discuss.

do you do group presentations or seminars?

Yes. As a professional speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Women’s Speakers Association (WSA) I have presented many seminars, workshops and have keynoted several as well. Click over to my speaker page here.