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I’m Gillian Armour, an Image Consultant and Professional Fashion Stylist. I take the guess work out of fashion, style and image and help you transform into your authentic beauty with style and grace no matter what your age. It’s never too late to learn how to be stylish or handsome. And, because I am passionate about fashion, style, and image, I have also trained over 3500 others to do what I do. Check out my grads here.

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My Services

From simple style advice to complex image transformations, I offer services in line with image and style makeovers.

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What Is an Image Consultant

As a Certified Image Professional (one of less than 100 in the world) I counsel men, women and teens on appearance, social behavior and professional and personal communication.

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Is it Expensive?

No. I charge a flat hourly rate for most projects. Lengthier projects are a flat fee.

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My Studio

Physically located in the Capital of California. I work within the Sacramento County area and also offer workshops and seminars on-campus.


“I provide a way for you to feel better about yourself. I start with who you are authentically and then transform you into the person you always thought you could be.”

Gillian Armour, Certified Image Professional and Certified Master Image Stylist

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Proven Trainer

My other passion is training image students via my online school. To date I have changed the lives of over 3500 image professionals working around the globe.