Makeup Consultation

Getting the correct cosmetic color matches for your skin tone can be daunting. During a makeup consultation with Gillian Armour Consulting your hair, eye and complexion coloring are matched with makeup colors that flatter you. Our experts can develop custom cosmetics of foundation, eye, cheek and lip colors for you based on your pigmentation. You will receive interactive lessons on makeup application and skin care procedures.  Purchase of cosmetic and skin care items is optional.

Components of a Make Up Analysis

  • Skincare
  • Skin Terms
  • What Robs Your Beauty?
  • The Makeup Kit
  • Finding the Best Lipstick
  • Seasonal Makeup Trends
  • Perfect Brows
  • Facial Exercises
  • Makeup Tips & Shortcuts
  • Special Occasion Makeup
  • Platform Speaking Makeup
  • Makeup for Headshots and Portraits

4 Step Action Plan:

  1. Questionnaire, interview, discussion
  2. Skin care and makeup workbook
  3. Analysis of skin type and pigmentation
  4. Makeup lesson, create custom kit

Objectives of this session:

  • Discover your skin color and pigmentation
  • Learn which makeup colors are yours
  • Gain knowledge of makeup application
  • Know tips and shortcuts of applying makeup
  • Feel confident when shopping for makeup
  • Look and feel beautiful with your new face
Highlights added, hair styled, makeup properly applied Lifeless hair, no makeup, overplucked eyebrows.
Correct hair color and highlights for her skin tone, moisturized skin and properly applied makeup. Wrong hair color for her skin tone, no makeup, dry skin.
Evened skin tone with makeup, hair cut and styled. No makeup, uneven skin tone, lifeless hair with no shape.
Makeup skillfully applied, eyebrows tweezed and trimmed, hair styled correctly.
Skin condition problem, no makeup, no shape to eyebrows, hair styled incorrectly.