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Gillian Armour (left)  Style Consulting With a New Client

If you are interested in training and certification and want to learn more about the professional aspects of image, style and fashion please visit  Fashion Stylist Institute to enroll. 

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Need professional shopping services? Gillian is a Certified Professional Shopper and can do all the work for you - from executive gift packages to special occasions purchasing to designing new wardrobes for teens. 



…I was thrilled with my consultation! I learned so much from you Gillian…I had no idea my body shape was a rectangle. Also, the color analysis was extremely beneficial. I am glad you talked me into it! I always thought I was a winter and was so shocked to discover.. that after all this time I was really a Spring! At least now I will wear the right colors and not look like I don’t know what I am doing. Thank you again for all your instruction and advice…all of it will help me to look and to feel better too! (MH, Realtor, San Francisco)

"Gillian is a warm, caring and charming professional. I am glad she was able to help me become more presentable to others.  She helped me become more aware of my outside appearance so I could enhance my good traits while shielding the bad ones!  The process sure helped take me into the "limelight".  Thank you Gillian.  (Tom H., Landscape Architect, New Mexico)


corporate client

…We greatly appreciate the advice and knowledge you passed on to our group of eager participants during your “Public Image” event. From all the feedback we received it was obvious that your message of “boosting confidence by improving your public image” resonated with the class. Thank you for bringing your skills and knowledge to benefit the Women’s Business Center. We value your support! 
--- CF, Executive Director

A Color Analysis Session in Progress!



..."Thank you for providing me with an extraordinary experience and education at the Fashion Style Institute. As I have mentioned before, to say I have always had a passion, love, and desire to be in the style and fashion industry, is an understatement. I eat, breathe, sleep, fashion.  It was important to me to find a reputable, accredited school. It was equally important that I would both certify and license after attending the school. What I didn’t anticipate was that it would be such an enjoyable, stress-free experience."